BMR Alternator Bracket


Awesome tech by Tim Stockwell


LSx Low Mount Alternator Bracket Kit




It seems like today everyone is doing an LSx swap into something, whether it’s a Mustang, Import, G-body, pick-up truck, or a lawn mower … and the one thing they all have in common is what to do with the alternator.
Our friends at BMR have come up with the perfect solution to this, and sent us one to review and test. The BMR low mount alternator kit is a beautiful piece, perfectly machined and the easiest bolt on you could imagine. A simple ten minutes to install, your alternator is now mounted low on the drivers side and completely out of the way, and your original alternator plug still reaches just like it was made for it. Belt tension adjustment is simple and quick, and it’s as sturdy as you could ever hope for.
There’s really not much else we can say about this kit.  Quality is superb, fit and installation is as good as it gets, and it completely solves a problem most LSX swappers run into.  Call BMR, problem fixed.  Why even try and rethink it?

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