And now the fun begins… by Dennis Pittsenbarger


And now the fun begins … by Dennis Pittsenbarger


As if Tony Defeo, myself and the whole Cars Illustrated staff are not busy enough with our 12.99 Challenge cars … heck, why not add to the pile?


Say hello to the Cars Illustrated project 1967 Chevrolet Camaro … no, we don’t have a cool name for it.


It started life as a pretty basic car, straight six, automatic transmission, power steering and brakes, and that’s about it.  And, that’s precisely why it’s the perfect Camaro for us to get our hands on.


So what’s the plan?


Well, we thought about several ideas.  Maybe a tribute car ala “Old Reliable”.  Maybe turn it into something Tony would have been driving in ‘78 complete with side pipes, air jackers and a mural?


Nope … as you most likely already guessed it, it’s going to be the nastiest, meanest grudge racer we can assemble with the best parts we can get our hands on.


No, it’s not going to be high-tech, no it’s not going to challenge Lutz or Larson for the fastest street can in ‘Merica.  It’s just simple going to be the Camaro most of us living in the real world would and could build if they set out on their own journey to build a real car for the real street.

Like the motto goes … street – race – life.


NOTE: A huge tanks you to Pilot Transport for getting the new Cars Illustrated Project Camaro from one coast to the other…. thanks guys. Make sure and check out their website for information on how to get your ride where it needs to be anytime, anywhere.





Camaro on truck


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