Meet The Team

Anthony DiPietro
Competition Editor
Anthony grew up and came of age in the late 70's when muscle cars were cheap on Staten Island, NY. He learned how to drive at ten years old in his father’s ‘65 4-speed 327 corvette. He got a wrecked 66 Chevelle SS396 for his fifteenth birthday and got arrested a week later racing it on the street with no glass in it and no license. After that it was a succession of 69-70 b-body Mopars. He lived just a mile or so from Tony DeFeo, and the two would end up becoming good friends. Anthony feels partly responsible for how Tony turned out. He’s worked as a transmission rebuilder, an OTR truck driver, and even wrote for Hot Street Car magazine. Anthony has had a very successful racing career, competing at NMCA races, and even winning in the Englishtown Top Ten Track Champion in Mean Street and Top Street three times. When he’s not bracket racing or hitting up local car shows, he’s currently employed as a locomotive engineer at NJ Transit. He jokes that he gets paid to drive trains across NJ at 100mph! Anthony currently own an '87 mustang notch show car that’s got a built 306, 5-speed transmission, and full road racing suspension that runs 12.90s. That car will soon be getting a supercharger. His '88 black hatch was bought new for his father’s retirement present. Anthony still races the car in his father’s memory. The car runs a carbureted pump gas 331-inch combination to run 11.00s on the motor. Of course, it’s faster on the spray, but Anthony’s not telling how much faster. He credits Editor Neil Van Oppre for getting him hooked on 11.50 index and pro-dial lately. He loves to debate the Pro-Tree versus Full-Tree, and he’s currently working up an editorial with his views on the topic. As busy as Anthony is, he’s dedicated whatever it takes to help Neil and Tony bring back Cars Illustrated because “we gearhead need it”.
Dennis Pittsenbarger
Test Pilot, Video Host, Janitor
“My plan is to continue the legacy that the original Cars Illustrated staff set out in the mid-80s,” said Pittsenbarger. “We need a reliable source that tells our readers just how fast a car can be in a straight line, directly from the factory. This is America! We do burnouts and blow stuff up!” Pittsenbarger’s charming personality and instant knowledge of all things automotive have been on international display, first as the voice of Hot Rod Radio, then as the star of Discovery’s “Highway to Sell” with multiple, high profile automotive spokesperson roles in between. Most recently, Dennis has been named the "Official Host of SEMA”.
Tim Stockwell
Technical Editor
Tim Stockwell was infected by the horsepower bug early in the 70's when his grandmother lived next to the famed Dragway 42 in West Salem, Ohio. Sundays at Grandmas meant crawling under the fence and watching some of the biggest names of the day tear it up. Since the age of 16, Tim was a regular in the street car scene building too many cars to recall, most being serious contenders for the areas quickest street cars. Tim's white '87 Buick Turbo-T set records back in 1996 that still stand today, and his white '92 Mustang LX stock motored Vortech car did exactly the same in 2005. Tim was elected to the Buick GS Nationals Tech Committee in the '90's, and has been an NMRA and NMCA Tech inspector throughout the years. Tim has also played a role in the aftermarket, taking on R&D duties for new products now on many of the quickest street cars in the country. Always budget minded, and always accepting of the challenge to go faster for less money than the next guy, and leave them scratching their heads.