Welcome to the new home of Cars Illustrated, the greatest car magazine ever published.

You dig fast cars – hell, you live for them. We do too. In the mid-80s, we covered high performance cars better than anyone. We’ve been gone for a while, but the world needs us now more than ever. Our goal is to once again be the center of the high performance automotive universe.

First published under the “Schneider Performance Group” at CSK Publishing in New York City, Cars Illustrated was as raw and real as the city it grew out of. We wrote stories about all of the heavy hitters from around the country, showed you all of the tricks to make your cars fast, and even went street racing with our readers. It was a lot of fun, and we even made a few bucks in the process.

What really turned people on was when our staff would get a week with a brand new car of out Detroit. You see, the Big Three started making cars again in 1987, and we were there. The Buick Grand National, the TPI offerings from GM, and those 5.0 Mustangs that we called “hyper-Fords” back then. Amazing stuff! We showed you how fast they could go with a few low-buck tricks and max-effort driving. We street raced them. And, we helped usher in the next great musclecar movement.

New, digitally enhanced reprints of original copies of all Cars Illustrated issues will be available in our store.

Now, here it is, a full 30 years after the first issue of Cars Illustrated hit the magazine rack, and the street scene couldn’t be hotter. Hell, there’s even a TV show about our favorite past time. So, we’re back, and we are super excited to get back in the game. You can find our latest work right on the main page at

More importantly, you’ll be able to take part in the future of Cars Illustrated by sharing your racing experiences, telling us about your car, and sharing with the Cars Illustrated community who’s got the fastest ride on your street. We’ve assembled a national network of reporters to help you keep pace with what’s going on out there, but we are always looking for new sources of information to help us keep track of the action.

Before you head off to the forums to tell us how fast your car is, we want to remind you that street racing is a very dangerous activity. Get to a local grudge race if you can. Get to the track. But, most importantly, be safe out there.

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