12.99/$1299 Competitor Update: Swede One Autowerks 1985 Ford Ranger


Hey man….everybody’s doing it.

Well, maybe not “everybody” but it’s good to see that the guys down at Swede One Autowerks are still fighting the good fight…and from what I’ve gathered after this weeks visit to their shop there is plenty of fight left in this little Ranger.

After we brought out the second round of the 12.99 Challenge it has had more that it’s share of questions and concerns about why, 12t4where and how someone could take it on and complete it. This attempt started simply enough, we are friends on Facebook, they started giving me grief about the ’91 Camaro 12.99 Challenge car and I straight up told them to “put up or shut up” and they responded – in fact they told me they would hit 12.99 before me…we will see.

Purchasing a 1985 Ford Ranger that had already seen various upgrades such as a 302/C4 combo ripped form a old Fox-Body and a spatter of other trinkets and items that was quite honestly a great starting point – simple proven equation: small/light car or truck in this case with a small block stuffed in the engine bay.

But did it work…well yes and no.

Their first trip to the drag strip was less than successful wielding not only harassment from the tech guys about everything from lug nuts to fuel hose length but a somewhat underwhelming ET of just over 16 seconds – all the while spitting and popping from a bad miss-firing ignition at the top end…not exactly the start they wanted.

So what is their plan?

From what I could tell Warren, Dave and the crew are as fired up as ever and have accumulated a list of parts that will not only cure their ignition blues, but get this Ranger on track and headed for 12.99 glory….and we could not be happier. 12t1

But this where perseverance and good old fashion hot-rodding know-how will help blaze yet another path to the 12.99/$1,299 goal…and we are behind them 100%

So the question is….where is your 12.99 Challenge car?

– the Janitor


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